Bachelor of Science in NURSING


The School of Nursing

LSC aims to create environment that systematically advances the teaching, research and practice of nursing, preparing graduates who will be culturally-sensitive nurses.

This will be achieved by providing sound educational foundation and comprehensive and practical skills building through exposure in hospital environment.

The LSC Nurses are envisioned to be meaningful contributors to the improvement of the health of the clients in a dynamic, collaborative and global health care community.

Programs offered:

Bridge/Subspecialization Programs

  1. Intensive Care Nursing
  2. Emergency Care Nursing
  3. Operating Room Nursing
  4. Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing
  5. Occupational Health Nursing

The Anchors of LSC Education

  • NURSING is a dynamic discipline. It is an art and a science.
  • NURSING EDUCATION is an active-teaching learning, cyclical process.
  • SOCIETYis the milieu where the nurse functions.
  • MANis a unique, free, rational human being created in the image of God with individual aspirations.
  • Health is a basic human right and a responsibility of both the individual and the state.

Career Path:

  • Clinical Instructor
  • Staff Nurse
  • O.R. Nurse
  • Certified Gov't. Nurse
  • Dean
  • Chief Nurse
  • Nurse Researcher
  • Emergency Nurse
  • School Nurse
  • Nurse Specialist
  • Clinic Nurse
  • Nurse Director
  • Nursing Home Supervisor
  • Aged Care Nurse
  • General Practice Nurse
  • Maternal and Child Health Nurse
  • Mental Health Nurse
  • Midwife
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse
  • Occupational Health Nurse
  • Oncology Nurse
  • Pediatric Nurse
  • Palliative Care Nurse
  • Remove Area Nurse
  • Critical Care Nurse
  • Flight Nurse
  • Flight Nurse
  • Military Nurse
  • Community Health Nurse
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